Our Story

I can honestly say that from a young age, I could not stop thinking about God. He's had His hand on me since I was little. Years later, the thing that excites me most is knowing Him! He surprises me regularly. I'm amazed at the world He's made, and I'm in love with His Son. And I believe that anyone can have the same relationship with Him (and more) than I have. He's a lover - and He's in the relationship business 100%.

Early on I knew that I would spend my life in full-time music ministry. I just didn't know exactly what that meant or what it would look like (I still don't). But God prepared me. I was fortunate to grow up in a loving home with parents who love the Lord and each other. And unbeknownst to me as a youngster, my dad (a music minister himself) was teaching me music theory as I grew. Musical concepts came easy to me. I'd spend hours practicing piano, and messing around with primitive music software (never dreaming it would be my career!) I majored in music at the Moody Bible Institute and moved to Florida. There I met Heather.

God gave me the perfect partner, lover, and friend in Heather. We've been married for 10 years and have 4 (wow 4!) amazing children - three boys and a little girl: Kal, Rees, Zann, and Evyn Anthem. 

Heather is a fantastic mom, amazing singer, and accomplished dietitian. It's beautiful to watch her with our kids. Raising kids is wonderful but it's also a grind (as those of you with kiddos know). I watch her make the difficult but correct decision everyday to invest huge amounts of time with our little ones.

Musically, she is my perfect compliment. I sing with her as often as I can. She has an anointed voice and stage presence. I can't describe it any other way. Others notice it too. It's just something God has given to her and I'm grateful I get to share it. 

As a couple, we want to spend our lives worshipping God, and if at all possible, inspire others to do the same. There are many things we could do. But we realize more and more that worship is the thing we MUST do.

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